Starter Plan 1
2.0%Daily For 70 Days
Total profit 140%
4% Referral Commission
Principal Included
Starter Plan 2
4.0%Daily For 40 Days
5% Referral Commission
Principal Included

RXAVA LTD offers two Starter Plans. These are Starter Plan 1 and Starter Plan 2.

Starter Plan 1: The Starter Plan1 offers a 2.0% return on investment daily for 70 days. For each referral you make, you earn a 4% referral commission outside your daily returns.

Minimum deposit $10 - Maximum deposit $10,000

Starter Plan 2: You can earn 4.0% daily for 40 days if you invest in Starter Plan 2. That’s aside from the 5% referral commission for each person you refer to our company. Your daily profit on the Starter Plans includes your principal.

Minimum deposit $100 - Maximum deposit $20,000

  • VIP Plan 1
    6.0%Daily For 30 Days

    6% Referral Commission
    Principal Included
  • VIP Plan 2
    10.0%Daily For 20 Days
    8% Referral Commission
    Principal Included


Like the Starter Plan, there are two VIP Plans. These are VIP Plan 1 and VIP Plan 2.

VIP Plan 1

VIP Plan 1 is for investors who desire to invest between $1,000 and $30,000 with us. They will receive a 6% profit daily for 30 days. gets a 6% referral commission, Note that your daily profit includes your principal.

VIP Plan 2

the minimum investment amount for VIP Plan 2 subscribers is $2,000, while the maximum is $60,000. For 20 days, you will receive a 10% daily investment return.gets a 8% referral commission You can earn extra commission as well. Note that your daily profit includes your principal.

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To start investing with us, you must create a trading account. At the sign-up point, we only request the following information:

  • Step 1: Account Information

    • Your username. Your username is the trading name you wish to use on our platform.
    • Email address. Submit a valid email address for information verification and correspondence.
    • Account password. You’ll create this twice.
    Click “Continue” after providing the necessary information. Once you click “Continue,” you’ll progress to the next step.

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  • Step 3: Personal Information.

    Here, you will receive a congratulatory message welcoming you to a leading financial firm in the world. The statement concludes by wishing you the best of luck while making a passive income and an assurance that we will be with you and provide you with all the needed support to give you a memorable experience as our investor.
    Click and proceed to the sign-in page where you access your account with your username and password. Enter the provided Captcha to access your account. You can log in after giving these pieces of information.

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