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Welcome to the era of offshore companies, the leading names in the global financial industry. RXAVA LTD, a United Kingdom-based and registered company, is poised to make a lasting impact in the global financial industry as an offshore company.

After working in the background for years, we decided to contribute to the online field after extensive market research and internal discussion.
It's our little way of achieving our organizational goals.

Registred UK Company Number #13378232

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Starter Plan 1
2.0%Daily For 70 Days
Total profit 140%
4% Referral Commission
Principal Included

Starter Plan 2
4.0%Daily For 40 Days
Total profit 160%
5% Referral Commission
Principal Included


RXAVA LTD offers two Starter Plans. These are (Starter Plan 1) and (Starter Plan 2).

Starter Plan 1: The Starter Plan 1 offers a 2.0% return on investment daily for 70 days. For each referral you make, you earn a 4% referral commission outside your daily returns.Note that your daily profit includes your principal

Starter Plan 2: You can earn 4.0% daily for 40 days if you invest in Starter Plan 2. That aside from the 5% referral commission for each person you refer to our company. Note that your daily profit includes your principal

* The minimum limit for withdrawing profits through the Perfect Money is $ 1 and other Payment methods are $ 10
  • VIP Plan 1
    6.0%Daily For 30 Days
    Total profit 180%
    6% Referral Commission
    Principal Included

  • VIP Plan 2
    10.0%Daily For 20 Days
    Total profit 200%
    8% Referral Commission
    Principal Included



Like the Starter Plan, there are two VIP Plans. These are VIP Plan 1 and VIP Plan 2 For major investors

VIP Plan 1

VIP Plan 1 is for investors who desire to invest between $1,000 and $30,000 with us. They will receive a 6% profit daily for 30 days. and 6% referral commission , Note that your daily profit includes your principal

VIP Plan 2

the minimum investment amount for VIP Plan 2 subscribers is $2,000, while the maximum is $60,000. For 20 days, you will receive a 10% daily investment return and 8% referral commission .You can earn extra commission as well. Note that your daily profit includes your principal.

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How do we Generate Income?

If you have no clue about how we make money, let provide an insight into how we make money. At RXAVA LTD, we help individuals, corporate bodies, and organizations get legal returns online. We let our clients money flow into the country to generate revenues by investing on their behalf.

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Organizations who fund their money or enable it to flow into UK


Investors who are investing their funds

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